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Let Go and Dream Big…

Remember when you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? I bet it wasn’t to be sad, depressed, full of regret, or asleep…was it?? No!!! It was to be ALIVE and AWAKE!! Fear no more, let’s release that which holds us back…open up and recieve divine guidance and wisdom to help you become more of that little kid with big dreams!! It’s never too late to become what you were meant to be!





We walk tall, full of confidence, self love and complete wholeness…We embrace our Higher self knowing that is indeed our true self. We are aware of our sexualness, We no longer use it to manipulate or a weapon against another, rather we realize it is healthy to enjoy that part of ourselves and no.longer are we ashamed to express that part of us. We are awake , alive and feel.comfortable in our bodies yet know we are way more than the “body”! We are waking to our Magnificence!!!!!




No Pain, No Gain?

As I wake from my recent slumber, I feel the pain when shedding the old self. I’m invited to look at the perceived pain and realize thru our greatest sorrows comes our greatest blessings. I no longer fear my awakening, I Welcome it!



Fall In Love With YOU…First

Unconditional love starts with you! Loving yourself is an essential first step before expecting a healthy relationship with another. Pampering yourself is healthy~Being selfish is not always a bad thing! Take time to be alone, release your need for constant company. Seek solitude when you need to recharge, reset and reup your self-love tank! Without it full, the love you are able to hand out to others will deplete quickly, leaving you drained and unfulfilled.
Loving Yourself is Great For The World As A Whole!



What’s Your “Once Upon A Time”?

So… What’s your Story? You know the one you replay over and over again. Is it a story of sorrow and lack? Are you the victim in your story? Did you know at any moment we can rewrite the script?? Are you ready? It’s time let’s erase the victim saga and begin the new one with “Once upon a time…”



I AM All That I Need…

Now that I Am Awake, I Am my Dream. I’ve Come to realize that no matter the circumstance, I find Joy & Happiness. I Am All I Need, Require & Desire for My Life to Be Complete. Life IS Good & I Honor All Of My Past Experiences For They Brought Me HERE….




Rise & Shine

Staying Asleep Only Serves Us For A Limited Time. Soon that larger, more Evolved version of who we are Meant to be will begin to nudge us Awake. Sometimes it will be gentle movements that may not stir us at all. Over time, if those gentle nudges do not do the trick, that part of us may just give a jolt that will have no choice, but TO Wake us! In that moment, Trust, Allow and Know Everything Happens For Us, For Our Awakening!
Rise and Shine Beauties~It IS Time!



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