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Angel Bishop

Temptress NO More! We Awaken To Our Powers, We embrace our Goddess-Self and Release Our past. We let go of manipulation and any other actions keeping us from our Divinity. We Embrace Our Sexualness knowing it is Sacred, rather than a weapon used to control another.. We Rise Up and realize we can and should only try controlling ourselves…isn’t that difficult Enough?!



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Empowerment occurs through improvement of conditions, standards, events, and a global perspective of life.

How do we becom disempowered?  When we are born we are perfect, fearless and full of unconditional love.  As soon as we are born, we begin to learn fear, judgement from our parents and those around us as we grow up.  It’s not their fault, they are just acting out as they were raised, they keep us safe and teach us all the things they were programmed to know, feel and react from.  We are taught to trust pysicians for our health, A Reverend, Minister, Rabbi, Priest along with all spiritual leaders were the only ones to trust for us to be tight with God, Our teachers were the only ones to trust for learning, we are taught a therapist was the only one to turn to for our mental and emotional stability!  We were never taught that all of those things are already inside of us, our bodies can heal themselves, thru nutrition, exercise and proper rest, to be close to God, One must simply BE close to God, and we are already ONE with God.  As far as mental and emotional help, Learn to let go…let go of the victim stories, let go of all grudges, regrets, resentments and thoughts of being rejected. Really truly come to the realization that all things happen for a reason.




Who Decides?

How do we decide a negative situation vs. a postiive one? One might say a birth of a child to a young teen mom is a negative horrible, end of her life kinda thing…however, what if that baby was entering the world as another very important member of this family was leaving it? What if that baby was a way to ease the pain and suffering of the family as a whole? What if that baby was to enrich the young womans life beyond anyones beliefs? We as human beings can’t dictate a good experience from a bad one…as there is always a gift within every storm. We may not see it for decades..but if we really look at a situation from all angles, we will then begin to have more faith in our creator, as well as let go of fear and know..Gods Got This!!!



Compassion Gets Us Everywhere….

Very interesting experience I had one evening at Wal Mart.  I was still in my work clothes and had alot of random items in my hand.. an older man approached me obviously looking for assistance from a clerk.  There was a definant language issue.. he wasnt’ “speaking” anything at all… just grunts and hand motions.  He made a square and acted as though he was cutting with a pair of scissors.  NOW, I could’ve easily ignored or shunned this man, as I didnt work there (its not my job kinda thing), I could’ve acted like I didn’t understand, which clearly by only listening to him I couldnt figure it out.  I chose to stop for a moment and focus on this obvious game of charades I was embarking on, within a few minutes, he had the poster board he had been searching for… with a big thumbs up and a smile, I recieved his gratitude.  DON’T LET A LANGUAGE BARRIOR CREATE HATE WITHIN YOU… THIS MAN AND I CAME FROM DIFFERENT RACES, DIFFERENT CULTURES, DIFFERENT ERAS, DIFFERENT CHALLENGES THAT WE ARE FACING… YET FOR A MOMENT, WE CONNECTED AS HUMANS AND HELPED ONE ANOTHER.  I assisted him in finding his items, he assisted me in connecting with my compassionate side more fully in that moment.





Angel Bishop

We walk tall, full of confidence, self love and complete wholeness…We embrace our Higher self knowing that is indeed our true self. We are aware of our sexualness, We no longer use it to manipulate or a weapon against another, rather we realize it is healthy to enjoy that part of ourselves and no.longer are we ashamed to express that part of us. We are awake , alive and feel.comfortable in our bodies yet know we are way more than the “body”! We are waking to our Magnificence!!!!!



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Not Always Forever…

Not every relationship is intended to carry the “Happily Ever After” status. We enter into relationships for many different reasons. Don’t look at a “failed” relationship as a loss….look at it as a learning lesson. It’s the opportunity to see what you want/like and what you dislike/won’t tolerate in your next relationship. Also, don’t beat yourself up if you are the one wanting out, freeing the other person to find there better suited match, is one of the most loving things you can do! 



Sleep Restores You…

Sleep restores you… water replenishes you… meditation and journaling ground you…along with all of that comes inspiration and answers to questions.. if the mind is everywhere it can not BE here… so once you slow the mind and keep the body strong and healthy, all will work itself out.



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