Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master, Writer, Artist and Model

Very interesting experience I had one evening at Wal Mart.  I was still in my work clothes and had alot of random items in my hand.. an older man approached me obviously looking for assistance from a clerk.  There was a definant language issue.. he wasnt’ “speaking” anything at all… just grunts and hand motions.  He made a square and acted as though he was cutting with a pair of scissors.  NOW, I could’ve easily ignored or shunned this man, as I didnt work there (its not my job kinda thing), I could’ve acted like I didn’t understand, which clearly by only listening to him I couldnt figure it out.  I chose to stop for a moment and focus on this obvious game of charades I was embarking on, within a few minutes, he had the poster board he had been searching for… with a big thumbs up and a smile, I recieved his gratitude.  DON’T LET A LANGUAGE BARRIOR CREATE HATE WITHIN YOU… THIS MAN AND I CAME FROM DIFFERENT RACES, DIFFERENT CULTURES, DIFFERENT ERAS, DIFFERENT CHALLENGES THAT WE ARE FACING… YET FOR A MOMENT, WE CONNECTED AS HUMANS AND HELPED ONE ANOTHER.  I assisted him in finding his items, he assisted me in connecting with my compassionate side more fully in that moment.





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