Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master, Writer, Artist and Model


Empowerment occurs through improvement of conditions, standards, events, and a global perspective of life.

How do we becom disempowered?  When we are born we are perfect, fearless and full of unconditional love.  As soon as we are born, we begin to learn fear, judgement from our parents and those around us as we grow up.  It’s not their fault, they are just acting out as they were raised, they keep us safe and teach us all the things they were programmed to know, feel and react from.  We are taught to trust pysicians for our health, A Reverend, Minister, Rabbi, Priest along with all spiritual leaders were the only ones to trust for us to be tight with God, Our teachers were the only ones to trust for learning, we are taught a therapist was the only one to turn to for our mental and emotional stability!  We were never taught that all of those things are already inside of us, our bodies can heal themselves, thru nutrition, exercise and proper rest, to be close to God, One must simply BE close to God, and we are already ONE with God.  As far as mental and emotional help, Learn to let go…let go of the victim stories, let go of all grudges, regrets, resentments and thoughts of being rejected. Really truly come to the realization that all things happen for a reason.





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